Vixens still winless after falling to Bedrockers

The Central Jersey Roller Vixens bout Saturday was the closest to victory they have come in nearly two seasons. Photo: Jeremy Moyer/StaffThe Central Jersey Roller Vixens bout Saturday was the closest to victory they have come in nearly two seasons. Photo: Jeremy Moyer/Staff

ABERDEEN — The Central Jersey Roller Vixens were denied victory Saturday night at the hands of the Beat City Bedrockers, but they came the closest in two years to breaking their several seasons long losing streak.

The Vixens fell to the Hartford, Conn.- based Bedrockers 138-170. It was the first time in at least two seasons that the Vixens held their opponents to under 200 points, handedly broke the 100-point barrier themselves, and held and maintained the lead for most of the first half.

“We were able to keep our head in the game,” said Pushy Galore, the Vixen’s most valuable blocker of the game. “I think we came together as a team better than we ever had before.”

The Vixens came out strong during the first two jams with Infra Red taking the lead both times, racking up five points and limiting the Bedrockers to just one.

Central Jersey was able to hold onto a slim lead for most of the first half. A power jam, when the opposing team’s jammer in sent to the penalty box, allowed Lady Speedstick to increase that lead to 50-25.

Momentum shifted in the final jam of the first half. With the Vixens leading precariously 77-65, Speedstick was slapped with two consecutive penalties, which gave the Bedrockers free reign over the track.

The half ended with the Bedrockers leading 81-97, which they never relinqhished.

The second half started slow, but Skull Lynn CrossBones narrowed the gap to 105-114. And Infra Red took lead the next jam, but called it off before the Bedrockers could score.

The Vixens chipped away throughout the second half, but they could not prevent the Bedrockers from racking up more points.

With 5:01 left in the game the score was 131-154. C the Fury picked-up four points, but so did the bedrockers. Pink Pollock picked up another three in the next jam, and stuffed the Hartford women bringing the score to 138–158.

Hartford made one last push for the final jam of the game scoring 12 points.

Pink Pollock, selected as the Vixens most valuable jammer for the game by the Bedrockers, stopped short of calling the narrow loss a moral victory for the winnless team.

“When you get blown out, there’s nothing you can do,” she said. “When it’s close you think about where you could have got more points.”

The Vixens have another long break. They take on the New Jersey Roller Derby of Morristown Oct. 10, and then travel to Hartford for a rematch with the Bedrockers Oct. 24.