Electrical malfunction shuts schools on first full day

File photo.File photo.

KEYPORT — District schools are closed today because of electrical issues, but it will likely reopen Wednesday.

Power to the school shut down late Monday because a component part to an electrical upgrade malfunctioned. That upgrade will provide the power to keep the Central School cafeteria cool once air conditioning is installed, Superintendent Lisa Savoia wrote in an email.

The glitch also prompted a response from the fire department Monday night.

Without power, the districts’s network including phone and Internet service is shutdown, Savoia added.

Tryouts scheduled for various sports were canceled along with classes today.

In private forums, parents complained late Monday and early Tuesday that they had limited child care options and were scrambling to deal with the sudden schedule change. Savoia said the decision to shut the schools Tuesday was made as prompt as possible.

The broken part is expected to arrive and be installed Tuesday. Classes will likely resume Wednesday.

But the four-day Labor Day weekend for Keyport students is coming at the price of a snow day. District officials built two snow days into their calendar. Now, just one remains a full season ahead of winter.

Correction: An earlier headline on this story indicated that the electrical malfuction at Central School was do to an air conditioning component. The malfunction, however was in a part that would eventually supply power to an air conditioner in the Central School cafeteria. The story has been changed to clarify that distinction.