Scarecrows, popcorn and a singing florist in the week ahead

The Friends of the Keyport Library are selling supports to build scarecrows like this one outside Keyport Public Library. Photo: Jeremy Moyer/For the AnchorThe Friends of the Keyport Library are selling supports to build scarecrows like this one outside Keyport Public Library. Photo: Jeremy Moyer/For the Anchor

The Friends of the Keyport Library will be selling supports and straw for a scarecrow building contest, which offers cash prizes for winners in three categories.

Starting today and continuing through Friday, supports — six feet by four feet, 53 inches by 40 inches and 44 inches by 30 inches — can be purchased at the library grounds from 3 to 7 p.m. The supports and straw costs $30, $25, and $15 respectively. Or, you can get one of each for $60.

This is how it works:

Once you get your support, or supports, you have until Oct. 3 to finish your scarecrow. Drop off the finished scarecrow either on Oct. 2 or 3. (Be sure to vote for your creation and bug your family and friends to vote for you too.) Voting occurs at the library, where the scarecrows will be displayed until Oct. 7. When voting is over, they will be moved to Waterfront Park until the 23rd.

Prizes will he handed out at the Keyport Screamin’ County Jamboree Festival Oct. 11.

The first-place winners in each category (large, medium and small) will receive $120, $100, $80 respectively.


The Boy Scouts were out-maneuvered by the Girl Scouts in the fundraising department long ago.  The Girl Scouts have Thin Mints, Samoas and Tagalongs. The Boy Scouts have Trail’s End Popcorn.

Right, it’s not the same thing. (Editor’s note: I’m an Eagle Scout.) But consider this: the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts have set up retirement ceremonies for worn-out American flags. Recently, a Troop 364 scout pursuing his Eagle rank organized crews to build rain gardens outside Keyport Central School. (Editor’s note: Our correspondent, Katie Sobko, is chasing down that story.) Another Eagle candidate is building the new shelves for the children’s section of the library. It’s obvious these young men are investing in the town, so maybe we can invest in them.

Here’s a dispatch from Rose Ann Lloyd, Pack 364’s popcorn … sigh … Kernel (see what she did there?):

On Monday, September 14, 2015, we are having our Popcorn Kickoff meeting to sell our annual Trail’s End Popcorn fundraiser!  We will be selling every Friday night outside the fishery until the last Friday in October.  We will also be selling door to door, online, or at the American Legion.  We are looking for businesses who will allow us to sell outside the storefront, as well.  Seventy-three percent of popcorn sales goes back into local and Monmouth Council scouting.  Scouting activities allow youths and parents the opportunity to volunteer in activities supporting the community such as trail and beach clean up, food pantry collection, and an important introduction for our youth to Americanism and pride in Keyport.  An education fund is opened for any Scout who sells $2,500!  We need your support more than ever this year.  We now accept credit cards, too.  If you order military donations online, shipping is free!  Here is the link:

The Keyport Garden Club is hosting John Newman, a singer-floral arranger, at the Keyport Yacht Club on the 20th.
The show costs $30. That may sound a little pricey, but consider this: Where are you going to see a man sing and create flower arrangements at the same time ever again? The price of admission has to be worth it just for that.
(Editor’s note: I did a cursory search for a video of this guy, but I couldn’t find one. )
In all seriousness, the proceeds are going to benefit the Garden Walk, which, by all accounts, was an overwhelming success. The event even grabbed the attention of the Star Ledger, so that’s kind of a big deal.