Keyport-Keansburg Alums will battle on Titan turf


UNION BEACH — The Titans will have home-field advantage when alumni from Keyport and Keansburg high schools reunite on the grid iron this June.

Representatives from the two alumni squads — Titans in blue T-shirts and Raiders in red — met Saturday evening at Union Beach Borough Hall for a coin toss to determine homefield advantage.

Keansburg won the toss.

“You know it’s disappointing, but that just means we’ll have to beat them on their field,” said Charlie Perez, one of the Keyport alumni co-captains.

Keyport Mayor Harry Aumack flipped the coin, which was minted for the occasion. The heads side was ringed in blue. The center reads Keansburg Titans 2016 Alumni Game. Tails, ringed in red, reads Keyport Raiders 2016 Alumni Game.

“I’m very happy to bring it home,” said Dennis O’Keefe, one of the Keansburg alumni captains. “It’ll feel really good to play at home. I’m pretty pumped.”

Days until kickoff: 153

This is the second in an occasional series following the Keyport High School Red Raiders alumni as they prepare to meet the Keansburg Titans alumni on the gridiron Saturday, June 18, 2016.