Going to Dawg’s Night? Scoop your poop

Mira the Dog. Photo: Meg McGrath Vaccaro.Mira the Dog. Photo: Meg McGrath Vaccaro.

KEYPORT — If you’re heading out to Dawg’s Night, a special downtown event tonight, with your four-legged friend, clean-up.

Mayor Harry Aumack II is on a tear about the volumes of pooch poop pocking the harbor promenade.

Twice now, he’s dumped the matter on the Borough Council. On Tuesday, the possibility of a dog ban was tossed about during the discussion.

That extreme measure was bagged, for now

Instead, officials will try to place better signs throughout the waterfront, and they’re assigning a special police officer to the poop patrol. So, don’t step in it.

Dawg’s Night is a Keyport Bayfront Business Cooperative special event. Here’s the details from Keyport Happenings:

  • Starting at 5 p.m., West Front Street will be closed from Broad to Main.
  • Shop owners have been encouraged to sell wares and goods geared toward dogs.
  • Restaurateurs will have special menus, and barkeeps will have “guys night” drink specials.
  • Ladies, get your dog and his best friend (see what I did there?) groomed at a barber shop or pet grooming shop.
  • Finish the night, by lounging around listening to the swing, blues and R&B covers of the Gas House Gorillas. Their set starts at 7 p.m. in the Minipark.

No dog? No problem. Adopt one. A local rescue group will be holding an “adopt-athon.”

Front Street reopens at 10 p.m. hopefully free of canine fecal matter.