Cliffwood, keep your pets inside & close your windows tonight

Map of the area to be sprayed with pesticide Sept. 17, 2015. Source: Monmouth CountyMap of the area to be sprayed with pesticide Sept. 17, 2015. Source: Monmouth County

CLIFFWOOD, Aberdeen — Monmouth County mosquito control crews will be out tonight trying to prevent the spread of the mosquito-borne West Nile Virus.

Crews will be conducting a ground spray on residential streets throughout the Cliffwood neighborhoods. So keep pets inside, close your windows and vents, and wash any garden fruits and vegetables as a precautionary measure, officials warned.

What are they doing, exactly? The application will be made using truck-mounted ultra-low volume equipment dispensing a very fine mist of the pesticides Duet or Zenivex. Duet is a d-phenothrin/prallethrin and piperonyl butoxide based pesticide product that is used to control mosquitoes in outdoor residential and recreational areas. Zenivex contains a pesticide called Etofenprox, a member of the category of pesticides called non-ester pyrethroids and is considered a reduced risk pesticide by federal Environmental Protection Agency.

Two people have died this summer from West Nile infections including a 57-year-old Monmouth County woman, according to an report. The state did not identify her, but the Asbury Park Press reported she was from Wall.

Subsequently, Monmouth County crews began a mosquito control operation in Wall and Spring Lake Heights soon after her death. They are returning to Belmar, Spring Lake Heights and Wall Friday night.

Get information about the West Nile Virus from the state Department of Health, and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.