Fresh made doughnuts every weekend at Pluggy’s Too

Photo: COurtesy of Pluggy's TooPhoto: COurtesy of Pluggy's Too

UNION BEACH — They’re crazy good.

That’s how Keyport resident George Strang describes Pluggy’s Too’s new cake-batter doughnuts – light, fluffy concoctions that have been a hit ever since the Bayshore deli debuted them four weeks ago at Union Beach Day.

“When they’re warm, they’re so good!” Strang raved.

The popularity has come as a surprise to Pluggy’s owner Scott Apel, who decided to make doughnuts for Union Beach Day as a lark, just a way to do something different for the event. He says he never intended to sell them at the shop but customers loved the pastries, so much so that people were still raving about them days later.

Recognizing he had a winner on his hands, Apel said he has started offering freshly-made doughnuts every Saturday andSunday morning. Weather permitting, Apel said the doughnut making machine – a small contraption that drops O-shaped pieces of batter into a vat of oil – is set up outside the shop, where customers can watch their doughnuts be made to order.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive: “The first couple weekends, we did over 40 dozen,” Apel said.

The Union Beach Memorial School PTA has also contacted him about making doughnuts for their upcoming Trick or Trunk, said Apel.


Doughnuts are having a bit of a moment right now, with specialty shops topping the beloved breakfast treat with everything from bacon to Fruity Pebbles cereal. Pluggy’s doesn’t have any special toppings – their doughnuts come plain or with cinnamon sugar – but Apel says they offer a convenient alternative for those who don’t want to drive far for their pastry fix.

Fancy toppings or not, customers don’t seem to be complaining.

Strang compared Pluggy’s doughnuts to those sold at Colts Neck’s Delicious Orchards, where the apple cider doughnuts are a fall must-have for many.

Strang said he picked up six doughnuts two weekends ago, only to have to turn back to buy more because he ate half on the ride back to Keyport. Last Saturday, he was back for another half dozen.

Perhaps thinking of the likely impact of so much fried dough on his waistline, Strang said, a little ruefully, “I’m sorry I tried ’em now.”

Pluggy’s Too Sub, Sandwiches and Catering is selling plain and cinnamon sugar doughnuts on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 a.m. to noon. Doughnuts are 75 cents each, three for $2, or $7 for a dozen.

Pluggy’s Too is located at 1135 Florence Ave. in Union Beach.